It is common knowledge that at present in order to make a presentation of large building sites it is considered good practice to use illustrative workbenches. For large industrial facilities, however, this rule does not apply as it does not have an effect comparable to that produced by advertising construction projects. In the production and power industries it is of no less importance to make presentations of the process flow dynamics.

      The complexes we design are capable of making a “complete” 3D presentation of a complicated technological facility or a complex layout. The components of these technological complexes are made from translucent plastic materials which enable the equipment’s internal structure and the main technological processes to be shown highly graphically and vividly. Evenly distributed translucent lighting from the inside is provided for every component, profile or outline to achieve the effect of “changing colors”. For instance, the reactor area of a chemical plant can be illuminated from the inside to show different colors from red to white depending on the current working temperature; pipelines, service and supply lines can be illuminated from the inside by dynamically changing lights, and circulation flows can be imitated by flowing water inside the transparent circuit. Turbines like all the other components made from translucent plastic materials with transparent “windows” and “openings” allow to see turning rotors when they are switched on, and the parameter values of the on-going process can be sent to a monitor screen.

      Using display monitors equipped with a simplified control unit which allows the trainee to change parameters in the technological process, control it and observe the results, graphs and diagrams in the real time mode both on the screen and on the workbench can be very useful for the presentation as this makes everybody get actively involved in the on-going process connected with the presentation purpose, i.e. to present the project in the best light and in full scope. Clarity, informative significance, flashing lights, flowing water and active involvement of those who participate in the process are sure to capture the undivided attention of the audience. These training complexes, when designed more elaborately, can be used for teaching students and for refresher training courses.


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